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Why St. William School?





Focus on Language

Acquisition and Fluency 

We create individual reading plans for every student.



At St. William we know how important reading and writing is for young minds. Being able to express thoughts and feelings allows for effective communication and a better sense of understanding and acceptance. 

It is because of this approach that every one of our students achieved more than a grade level of growth in reading last year. 

1:1 Technology Program

in All Grades

Every student has individual access

to a Chromebook or iPad at all times. 


We live in a world that incorporates 

technology into every facet. Being able to use technology effectively and responsibly gives St. William students an advantage as they continue through their school career and beyond. 

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Keeping Safety

at the Forefront

Extra measures are being taken this year to

make sure students stay safe. 


We know that children being able to learn in the

classroom environment provides the best growth and

understanding, both within subject areas, but also socially

with their peers. By helping children understand the safety

measures like wearing masks and  frequent hand washing - and enforcing them - as well as following other cleaning procedures

in the building, students will feel safe and comfortable in their environment, and allow them to settle into a routine. 

Small Class Sizes

We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio. 


With this approach our teachers can more readily assist students with questions about the material being covered in the class. It also allows for a more collaborative environment and a closer school community. 

How to

St. William?


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Elementary Classroom

At St. William School we believe that every child has the ability to achieve their goals. We build a foundation through education that makes their goals possible. 
Learn more about this foundation below



A Spiritual Life

For everyone at St. William School, growing spiritually is equally important to growing intellectually.  Our students learn what it means to be Catholic.  The St. William faculty provides fertile soil in which our students’ faith can grow fruitful and strong.  Through word and deed, our students learn and live the Gospel.

A Prayerful Life

At St. William School, every day begins with prayer.  Praying the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary,” while essential, only introduces St. William students to praising, thanking, and petitioning God.  Through our students’ written and oral lessons, they learn to talk to God like a friend, and cherish the comfort that comes from talking with the Lord.

A Sacramental Life

The teachers and priests of St. William prepare our students to receive the sacraments.  More than a milestone, our students understand how God’s grace flows through the sacraments and enriches their lives and the life of every Catholic.  With this assuring knowledge, St. William students learn how to rely on this sacramental strength all through their lives.

A Reverent Life

Once a week, and for the holidays, our students and faculty gather together in St. William Church to celebrate Mass, and everyone is involved.  We have a student choir that guides the congregation in the musical parts of the Mass.  Our grades take turns organizing the Masses.  As a result, not only do our students learn the order of the Catholic Mass, all of our students have the opportunity read aloud Scripture readings to the congregation.  Whether it be singing, praying, or reading St. William students fully engage in worshiping God.

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