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A Solid Foundation

It all starts with St. William’s early childhood program.  Our program provides a strong foundation for young children through a unique combination of direct academic instruction and imaginative play.  Our certified and qualified preschool teachers and teacher aides participate in continuous training.  St. William provides this affordable early childhood education for only $4 an hour.


Small Classes, Big Steps

From preschool and kindergarten, St. William students advance through the grades continually building upon the knowledge learned the previous year. Our modest class sizes allow each student plenty of one-on-one time with our teachers.  All of our students receive individual instruction and help, when needed, until they feel comfortable with the new skills and master the material. When possible, our teachers provide after school help.  Our faculty ensures that no student fades into the background.

Full Education

St. William School faculty takes a holistic approach to teaching, focusing not only on our students’ intellectual growth, but also their emotional, physical, creative, moral, and spiritual development.  Every St. William student learns how to live and practice the Catholic faith.  With faith being at the core of the St. William curriculum, our teachers foster our students’ talents and abilities, showing them how to use our God-given talents as gifts to the world.  Our faculty wants our students not to just survive the world, but to thrive in it and to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Sure, we can show you how St. William students consistently score in the top percentile on the standardized tests.  Sure, we can show you all sorts of data and statistics that measure the intelligence of our students.  But all the numbers in the world won’t tell you how well our students achieve once they graduate from St. William.  Fenwick, Walter Payton, Guerin Prep, Josephinum Academy, Lane Tech, North Side Prep, Notre Dame, Trinity, St. Patrick, and Resurrection are among the top Chicagoland high schools our graduates have attended.  The foundation that St. William provides for their education lead them, as these high schools reported, to achieve honor rolls for academic achievement.  What’s more, our graduates understand not only the quality of education they have received, but also the basis for a strong Catholic faith, both of which our students can rely upon to succeed in life.  It is no surprise that our graduates often return to St. William School to thank our teachers.  With St. William’s foundational education, our students advance on to high school and beyond as caring competent, and confident individuals.  


St. William School believes in developing the whole child recognizing that each person has been given unique gifts and talents. We focus on helping students share those talents.


St. William School partners with our parents to create a strong community. 95% of our Families say they feel welcomed and safe.  

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