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We Make a Difference in the life of a child! We inspire, encourage and educate lifelong learners.

The goal of our educational program is to awaken in each child a love of learning and provide them with skills and knowledge that will enable them to grow spiritually, become excellent students and productive members of society.

At St. William School we believe that every child has the ability to achieve their goals.  We build a strong foundation through education that makes their goals possible. 


Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Kindergarten through second grade is an important and exciting time for students’ learning milestones. Our teachers provide a wonderful learning environment encouraging both academic and personal development and growth. Our curriculum and instruction are aligned with the Archdiocese of Chicago Priority Standards as well as Common Core State Standards. Every student is assigned an Apple iPad to help integrate technology into the instruction and help foster responsible digital citizens. Second grade students prepare for their first Holy Communion, an important step in their faith journey.

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3rd - 5th grade

The curriculum for students entering third to fifth grade takes a step up, emphasizing the application of skills developed in earlier grades. Teachers promote independence and responsibility inside and beyond the classroom. We follow the blended learning model way of teaching, which encompasses technology into daily lessons through small group instruction. Students are now provided with many opportunities to learn and make their own choices, take responsibility for the quality of their work, and be held accountable for their behavior in the classroom. Fourth and fifth grades participate in Spark Shop (engineering program) and Science Club.

Junior High

6th-8th grade

The three years of junior high represent a time of challenge and discovery. Students continue to build upon their writing skills and read a variety of literary genres and styles. They conduct research in the science lab and study world history, American history, and civics. Junior high students also learn algebra, geometry, and more complex mathematical topics. ​The students continue to learn about and further develop their Catholic faith while preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring of eighth grade, taking a big step forward in their faith journey. They also participate in BSF Stock Market Program and Junior High Leadership Program with DePaul University.

YOU Belong here!
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