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There is a new program called Red Robin Royalty that I am asking all our families and friends to sign up for at: https://royalty.redrobin.com/ Please select St William School for the Burgers for Better Schools™ Program. It means that every time you eat at Red Robin, 1% of your check will be donated directly to your school of choice.


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“Help us to keep our new playground safe and clean. Donate today!” 

Please visit the KaBOOM playground donation page. 


Volunteering at St. William School

St. William School is a community of students, educators, priests, and volunteers.  Our school relies heavily on people donating their time to keep St. William School running smoothly.  Our principal and teachers volunteer, our priests volunteer, our parishioners volunteer, and you can too.  There are many ways to accumulate the mandatory 15 hours of family service per year.  A task like lunchroom supervising, which is a once-a-week full-year commitment, asks you to take care of the students while our teachers have lunch.  Another full-year commitment is Market Day, where you help gather and sort food orders for this indispensible fundraiser.  Throughout the year there are also school fundraisers like the Candy Sale, Santa’s Workshop, Blue & White Ball, the Bash, school clean up day, and many more events, too numerous to be listed here. 

Opportunities like these and more allow us to become more familiar with the members of our community and the chance to show support to our children and their education.  What’s more, your volunteer service broadcasts a strong message to our students.  Through your example, our students learn what it means to be Christian.  Through your example our students learn what it means to be a community.  Through your example, our students learn the value of volunteering and rewarding fruits that come with it.  If you would like to learn more about these volunteer events please contact Ms. Maldonado at imaldonado@stwilliamschool.org.  We hope to see you soon.