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There is a new program called Red Robin Royalty that I am asking all our families and friends to sign up for at: https://royalty.redrobin.com/ Please select St William School for the Burgers for Better Schools™ Program. It means that every time you eat at Red Robin, 1% of your check will be donated directly to your school of choice.


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Band For Today Information


“Help us to keep our new playground safe and clean. Donate today!” 

Please visit the KaBOOM playground donation page. 


Donate to St. William School

St. William School provides our children with a solid education and strong faith formation.  Such dedicated work cannot exist without the generous support of our alumni, parishioners, and people like you.  When you donate to St. William School, you can rest assured that your money works continually to improve our school.  Recently, your support has provided our school with five new air conditioners for our classrooms, projectors for the new laptops, and modern white boards to replace the old green chalk boards.  What’s more, our alumni donation fund has $3,500 in it right now, which will be divided into two separate scholarships for prospective students.  Our children deserve the latest technology, the cleanest facilities, and the brightest educators.  Improvements like these and more are only possible due to your generous support.  We thank everyone who has donated to our school.  With your continued support, St. William School can continue to grow. 

To donate to St. William School please go to Give Central (www.givecentral.org) and search by the word “William” or the zip code “60707” to find our school.  You may sign up to be a regular contributor or place a one-time only gift in the account.  There are also events scheduled throughout the year in which you may make a contribution.
You may also send donations by check directly to the school at:

St. William School
2559 N. Sayre Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707

Thank you for your generosity!